An image of a horse taking part in an event

Under 12's

1st- Bella O'Reilly & Max a Million

2nd- Ava Johnson & Sparky

3rd- Daisy Shurmer & Grayfields Rolo Polo

4th- Showtime Sallypie & Elsie Hackshall


12 - 15 year olds

1st- Millie Weston & Echo

2nd- Freya Boyle & Super Ted

3rd- Emily Gyngell & Jasmine

4th- Bronte Harvey & Suzie

4th- Mia Lang & MMS Sadie

6th- Jessie Steele & Pippa



1st- Jessica White & MMS Cilla

2nd-Nicholla Jolley & Dr Luckman

3rd- Clare Denny & Undine

4th- Maddie Green & Nanny

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