Mount Mascal Stables Operates a strict 48hour cancelllation/change policy. If you do need to cancel or change any booking we require 48 hours notice. ECPro will credit your ECPro account automatically if you cancel within this time frame. Thank you

On your first visit, we will allocate an Instructor for you. On future visits, you may request an Instructor yourself when booking. Most of our clients find it helpful to 'know' their Instructor as this provides continuity and they request the same person on-going. However, we cannot guarantee any Instructor's availability and 'your' Instructor will, obviously, be away at times. When this is the case, we strongly encourage you to have time with another Instructor rather than not ride. This does not affect your right to request a change of Instructor.

No. But if you are a new client you need to register on ECPro before our online booking diary is available to use.

We advise you to arrive around 15 mins before your lesson is due to start.

Our riding school horsers and ponies come in a range of ages, sizes and types to cater for the wide range of clients we welcome to Mount Mascal Stables. On your first visit, we will allocate a horse/pony, taking into account factors such as your experience, your height and your weight. Your Instructor will be able to advise you with regard to other horses/ponies that you can try on future visits.

All our riding school horses and ponies are suitable for the work we ask them to do. However, you should understand that all horses may react unpredictably on occasions.

For practical reasons at a busy riding school such as ours, it is helpful to auto allocate a horse/pony at the time of booking. If you do have a particular preference  please make a on booking in the Notes section.

Please be guided by your Instructor and be aware that we cannot guarantee any horse/pony. On the day, a horse/pony may be unavailable for a number of reasons. For example, it is sold, sick or re-allocated for a special reason. Sometimes, human error may also be a factor. Whenever this occurs, any horse/pony we suggest as an alternative will be a suitable choice for the rider and we encourage clients to 'have-a-go' rather than not ride at all. This does not affect your right not to ride a horse allocated to you.

Pony Club membership is open to young people up to the age of 21 years. To join, simply visit the Pony Club web site directly and join as a Mount Mascal Centre member. For information on the benefits of membership and the activities we offer check out

Yes, you are welcome to ride your own/loan horse/pony at Mount Mascal Stables. Whether or not you are a Mount Mascal Stables or Little Mascal Farm livery/loaner. Our facilities and services are there for any rider to enjoy. Please ensure that if you loan a pony/horse you have signed up to our Loaner family and pay the £25 monthly Facilities Fee.

We offer lessons to children aged 3 and upwards.