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Pony Club Easter Activity Schedule 2015

Mar. 30 - Apr. 17, 2015, 10:30 — 05:00

With just three weeks to go before the start of the Easter holidays, here is your Easter Holiday Activity Timetable. Three weeks of Pony Club fun and learning - Monday 30 March to Friday 17 April - to cover all the school holidays in the area. We want to be sure no one misses out!

 As Spring will be well on its way and the clocks will just have leapt forward, enjoying the great outdoors is high on the agenda and some activities may contain traces of chocolate! Here is a quick rundown.

Firstly, the Easter Eggsellences! Here are the eggstra fun Easter events we have happening for you. Easter Arts & Crafts – no artistic ability required, our Artist in Residence, Vicky Norton will have lots for you to do whether you are a budding Banksy or fingers & thumbs with a pencil. Pride & Ride Eggstravaganza – a chance to dress up with your pony and win prizes. Magnificent Mount Mascal Easter Egg Hunt – our annual choc homage to the season.

 Happy Hacking! A total of FIVE hacks on offer covering levels from lead rein & beginner upwards. Chances to get your Easter Bunny ears on your hat, scoff a scrummy cream egg, give your pony a carrot & enjoy Club room chat & activity. We are blessed with our beautiful woodland. At this time of year, real bunnies will be hopping out & about along the tracks, the birds will be singing & butterflies fluttering, the primroses and violets will be flowering & the trees coming into leaf. There is no better time for your Joydens Jaunts.

 Gymkhanas & Jumping! SEVEN of these in total and the Experienced Easter Gymkhana combines the two with a Chase Me Charlie jumping competition finale. There is some Onesie Funsie on offer for beginner level and a Clubbers Clear Round for those who are ready to attempt a course of fences. Rosettes & prizes are up for grabs.

 Mini & Main Badges! Here are lists in alpha order. Mini’s: Birds; Care of the Foot; Grooming; Poisonous Plants; Road Rider. Main: Dressage Arena (combined with the Ride A Test activity with keen dressage competitor, Vicky); Perfect Paddock. Mini Care of the Foot & Grooming are the Pick & Mix morning choices, followed by a new Mini Riding Delight session in the afternoon with a special stay for the day lunch included price. Birds & Poisonous Plants afternoon is a new combo creation with a snack in the middle to enable you to gain either/both these badges in one session with our outdoor enthusiast, Jen. Remember that you need Mini Road Rider to take your D Test. AND, finally on its own, the marvellous Mucking Out Badge & brilliant Bandages & Rugs/Mini Horse Clothing which must be mentioned separately as you can go forward for your Mini OR Main badge depending on your ability.

 D & D+ Tests! Preparation days are available for both and test day is Wednesday 8 April insert times. Test dress code is: beige jodhpurs and jodhpur boots with clips, no chaps/gaiters; white shirt & Pony Club tie; Pony Club sweatshirt; gloves, riding hat & hairnet/hair tied back/plaited neatly; whip. Body protector is also required for D+ level.

 Bonus Stuff! Just when you thought we could not cram a minute more fun into the schedule … Here are some extras that don’t really fit into any category but are all fantastic for developing your riding, care skills and knowledge. Super Side Saddle, back on the agenda again by popular demand following the session last half term with our side saddle rider, Nancy Goodman. Pony Club Fun Day & Lunch – riding, pony handling skills and games with lunch in the middle. Vaulting & Bareback – great for your seat & balance. Stable Management Day – off the saddle stuff for a whole day with the chance to gain certificates by achieving handling skills and gaining knowledge while you help Kate & Sam care for our wonderful riding school ponies.

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