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October Half Term Schedule 2016

Oct. 24 - 28, 2016, 10:00 — 05:30

We hope you have settled in to your new school year and your Autumn Term is going well.

 With just under four weeks to go until the October Half Term, please find attached your holiday week schedule. Jam packed with fun and learning, all ending with the grand finale … the famous, fiendish and foul fancy dress Halloween Party on Friday afternoon. Here’s a quick run-down of what’s on offer …

 For those of you who are keen to get out and about, there are two Walk & Trot Hacks as well as a Stable Management Day with a Bonus Afternoon Hack to finish.

 Indoor Jump rallies at Beginner and Beginner Plus Jump levels are for those of you keen to get started and improve your skills to ride fences.

 Vaulting & Bareback and a Walk & Trot Gymkhana are good choices for improving your all round equestrian skills and having fun at the same time.


Family Horse & Pony Fun Day is back by popular demand for you and your family to enjoy our horses and ponies together.

 Badge sessions cover a wide range of topics for all abilities. Mini badge options include Care of the Foot, Colours & Markings, Feeding, Handling & Grooming, Horse Clothing, Mucking Out, Points of Tack, Road Rider and Working Dogs (with special canine guests!) – Full Bandages & Rugs, British Native Breeds, Feeding, Mucking Out and Saddlery badges are also available for the more experienced and knowledgeable Centre member.

 If you are preparing for D test next February half term or later in 2017, there is a Round Robin Test Morning to help you achieve this level. A great opportunity to get test ready.

 Please remember to check with your Instructor/the Office for advice about which activities will be suitable for you. Ask for a Workpack/Study Sheet/Worksheet for any badges you book up for. Remember that preparation is a key to success on the day. Badges are for achievement and, as well as having fun, we must meet the standards set by Pony Club.

 Finally, don’t forget that even if you are not riding you should wear your riding gear to the yard with your hat and gloves in case you need them. Also, the weather will be getting chilly. Bring extra layers and rain jackets too! Regardless of whether you expect to go out or not.




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