Mount Mascal Stables Welcomes Megan Lewis - The Long Horse Ride Home

Posted: 26/07/2012


Mount Mascal Stables Joins The Long Horse Ride & Meets The King’s Troop


On Sunday 22 July, Mount Mascal Stables riders, Gina Maley and Rachel Briggs set out from Bexley at 8am sharp, in beautiful sunshine, on an unusual and very special journey.


Gina and Rachel, riding Pru and Armani respectively, were accompanying Megan Lewis and her companions Peng Wen Chao and Rowena Haigh on the last leg, of Megan’s remarkable Long Horse Ride from Beijing to London.


Along the way, they were met by four riders from The King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery in full ceremonial dress and escorted to their final destination, the magnificent Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich.


Met by Capt Owen Beyton-Brown from The King’s Troop and David Gadsby, London Representative of the British Equestrian Federation which organised the finish, through its Hoof equestrian legacy project. Mount Mascal Pony Club Centre members attended with Megan’s family and friends to cheer her in. Megan then presented a flag, depicting the Olympic Rings, given to her by the Chinese Equestrian Association, to Councillor Denise Hyland, Royal Borough of Greenwich Lead Member for Regeneration, Enterprise and Skills.

 Rachel and Gina said “It was an honour to escort Megan at the very end of her unique and amazing journey. And to be with her alongside the King’s Troop on their parade ground was an unforgettable experience. Our horses were fantastic too and we were very very proud of them.”

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