Mount Mascal Attends Bexley Torch Relay Party

Posted: 26/07/2012


Horses At Bexley Torch Relay Party


Mount Mascal Stables Pony Club Centre members teamed up with their instructors and the equestrian legacy project, Hoof to join the Bexley community at last Sunday’s Torch Relay Party in Danson Park. 


With the aim of promoting the benefits and fun of riding activities to local people, Alison Window, Proprietor explained “At Mount Mascal Stables our motto is Horsemanship for All. So, we wanted to inspire everyone at the party, whatever their age or ability, to have a go at riding themselves.”


The team set about this task with the help of Herbert, a mechanical horse provided by Hoof to give visitors the experience of what it feels like to ride. And, they also brought along some very special real life equine guests of honour – Zorbee III and Little Bolashak and their long-distance rider, Megan Lewis.


Megan was staying at Mount Mascal Stables for the weekend to make the final leg of her remarkable journey on horseback from Beijing to London in aid of ChallengeAid.


David Gadsby, London representative of British Equestrian Federation said, “This was a wonderful opportunity for the community to come together and inspire new riders in light of the Olympic Games.”


Alison and John Window, joint Proprietors of Mount Mascal Stables said “We were delighted to host Megan and her horses for their homecoming. And, with the Olympic Torch arriving in Bexley as well, it was a weekend we will remember forever.”