Mount Mascal Winter Dressage Series 2011 [Round 1] (Event held on 05/12/2011)

Class 1 - (Prelim 4)
Place Rider Horse Score Col
1 Lauren Ford Blanche 69.09 56
2 Emily Groves Patches 66.81 54
=3 Charlotte Maddison Dezzert 64.54 52
=3 Sian Goldfinch Galaxy 64.54 52
5 Lily Venables Foxy Joe 63.18 50
6 Emily Nicol Springhill Gem 60.45 48
Place Rider Horse Score Col
1 Adam Heitman Belle Caretino 65.9 54
2 Rachel Briggs The Potato Project 62.27 50
3 Kelly Marsden Breeze 61.81 50
4 Edith Gariazzo Zingo 60.90 48
5 Rachel Briggs Armani 60.45 46
6 Tanya Robinson Weet N Measures 59.45 48
Class 2 [Novice 24]
Place Rider Horse Score Col
1 Rosie Osborne Boulahrouz 61.92 58
2 Adam Heitman Carrig Mor II 57.93 53
3 Sinead O’Keefe Motown 57.30 51
Published by John Window on 05/12/2011

Show Report

The indoor Winter Show Jumping Series got off to a wonderful start on Friday 23rd September. The return of full show attire for each competitor was a welcomed addition, everyone looked smart and professional. The spectator gallery was packed with enthusiastic supporters and overall it was an exciting event, with a friendly, family orientated atmosphere.

The event ran smoothly and to time, starting at 5.30pm and continuing well into the evening to finish at 10.30pm. The covered outdoor arena gave perfect light when it was dark. Although shelter from the rain wasn’t required, it is obvious what an asset the new roof will be as winter progresses.

Proprietor Alison Window said “that it was particularly nice to see new faces and a big welcome was extended to people who came from other yards. It was also very good to see some more mature competitors; proving that riding is a fun sport for all ages.”

Success was achieved in many ways. Congratulations to all riders that got placed, especially the winners of each class. But also congratulations to those competitors for whom this was their very first show - always a nerve racking experience - and to those that gained a clear round! A special ‘well done’ to competitors Pauline and Janice riding Nero and Benn respectively who, despite the crowds and nerves, managed to get into the arena and give it a good attempt!

A big thank you to everyone who helped make the evening such a great success, the judges, competitors, supporters, kitchen and bar Staff and proprietors John & Alison Window for organising the event.

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