Mount Mascal Maintenance

Posted: 08/12/2011

We now have a master painter in Feras, who has taken on the role of painting every stable and door on the yard! No small task, because every time you think you have finished you have to start again.

A bit like the Forth Bridge. Steve and Colin are involved in the on-going battle of horse versus stables and some owners J !  Horses are not Hamsters and keeping them from wrecking their stable is a combination of mind over matter. Pro-active planned maintenance, a great idea, rapidly becomes re-active around stable-yards. We set targets for a year in advance and, somehow, they usually get carried out. But it’s challenging! When you hire in an expensive piece of machinery planned for a specific job only to find `neddy` has destroyed their stable, requiring immediate attention, it can be frustrating. Plus, on-going maintenance of the tractors, JCB, forklift and other vehicles, fencing, building new cross country jumps and the possibility of a first floor for offices, lecture rooms, toilets, party room & kitchen makes for an exciting year ahead.