Little Mascal Farm Rewired & Resurfaced and Grazing Matters

Posted: 08/12/2011

This year we have rewired almost a third of the electrics and we will continue to carry on the work early into the New Year until the whole yard has modern state of the art electrics.

Resurfacing has been a long and costly job, but we are final getting there. Steve and Colin laying nine cubic metres of ready-mix in one day was no mean feat. Talking of feet, the largest dog on the planet then stood in it! We have some more to do next year but, compared to when we took 'Taylors' on (photo Ali to upload) we are sure you will agree, things are vastly improved. Concrete is a very expensive product but, for tidiness, ease of sweeping and the safety for your horse it is essential. Once again, the maintenance team have worked hard to maintain your grazing, fertilizing, harrowing and rolling. We ask you to be understanding when turn-out is restricted in times of wet weather.