Horse Excerciser

Posted: 08/12/2011

Back in August we were very pleased to finalise installation of the Claydon Professional Horse Exerciser.

Not a simple job! Digging out and levelling the last piece of unused ground at Mount Mascal involved removing tens of tonnes of soil up into the wood before contractors could start on the circular base. Once this was done, it was left to Claydons to install the machine (see photos).  Exercisers come in a variety of designs but, having looked closely at exercisers in various racing yards, we concluded that a six horse covered exerciser with a roof for all weather use was the way forward. We have subsequently installed lighting, so that it is useable late in the day during winter months (see photo). The advantages of the exerciser for your horse are threefold: to keep him fit and exercised without the risk of being kicked in the field; slow steady work for a horse recovering from injury; and building up fitness for competition work.  A horse may spend up to an hour a session without becoming bored in any way and consequently takes more and controlled work than standing around in a field.