Joydens Wood

Ancient woodland, bridle tracks, lanes and wide open spaces.

Joydens Wood in Autumn

As traffic continues to grow it can be difficult to find off road hacking.  We at Mount Mascal are very fortunate to have Joydens Wood on our doorstep. This 300 acre Medieval wood owned by the Woodland Trust allows safe and secure riding through beautiful countryside with a wealth of flora and fauna, you will often see fox, rabbit and badger going about their daily lives. All of our trained Escorts and Instructor can point out some of the highlights in the Wood.(photos) From Joydens Wood you have direct access into the London Borough of Bexley`s Chalk Wood another lovely wood with excellent rides,(photos) then onto the bridle path across Birchwood Golf Course.(photos) Plenty of good off road hacking with the towers of Canary Wharf in the background.

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  • Joydens Wood in Autumn

    Joydens Wood in Autumn

  • View from Pru... heading into Chalk Wood

    View from Pru... heading into Chalk Wood

  • Hacking in Chalk Wood

    Hacking in Chalk Wood

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